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Datasea Inc. (DTSS) Executing International Expansion Strategy

Datasea Inc. (DTSS) recently announced a Cooperation Framework Agreement with China Africa Friendship Town Investment Group Limited (“CAFTI”). The technology company provides smart security solutions and develops education-related technologies in China. It entered into the agreement through one of its variable interest entities. The agreement is for setting up a common structure for and promotion of products by Datasea across African region.

Based in Uganda, CAFTI is a registered limited company. It focuses on import and export trades and IT services across the continent. It also specializes in investment and construction of industrial parks across the continent. The company has a strong network of contacts across Africa, especially in Uganda, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As per the agreement, CAFTI will put efforts to market Datasea products in the continent. Those include infrared imagers, facial recognition tools and devices to measure temperature automatically. CAFTI will also facilitate Datasea expanding in targeted markets around the continent.

Collaboration with CAFTI will play a vital role in our global expansion plans, said Ms. Liu Zhixin, Chairman and CEO of Datasea. Through distribution network of CAFTI in Africa, Datasea will be getting additional sales. And Datasea is planning getting most out of it. It is encouraging for us to have an access to a new opportunity overseas. This will help us with more global presence which is part of our global expansion plans, she said.

Previously in last month, Datasea was also selected the Harbin Municipal Government to receive a subsidy of nearly $43,000. Datasea was selected to further develop and advance its Safe Campus Management System.

An “Eagle Plan” was recently announced by the Harbin Municipal Government. As part of the plan, companies with advanced and innovative ideas and technology for the purpose of research and development would be provided with additional funds to further strengthen their technologies.

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