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Microbot Medical Inc. (MBOT) Used LIBERTY Robotic System To Successfully Conclude Animal Study

Microbot Medical Inc. (MBOT) recently completed its feasibility animal study successfully. The study was concluded using LIBERTY Robotic System, company’s surgical robotic system which is world’s first for being fully disposable system.

The study achieved all its end point targets without facing any adverse incident in using that system. The success supported company’s idea of allowing physicians to perform catheter procedure while staying outside of the catheterization laboratory (cath-lab). This will help them to avoid radiation exposure, physical harms and risk of getting infected. Two leading physicians with expertise in treatment of peripheral vascular and neuro vascular intervention diseases performed the study procedure. Outcomes of the study were significant with demonstration of quicker navigation capabilities, accuracy in deploying embolic agents and instinctive use of the system. Most of the study was conducted remotely from a control room in cath-lab.

Microbot will continue its efforts to make the use of LIBERTY Robotic System, company’s CEO, President and Chairman, Harel Gadot commented. Company will also continue confirming its claim that the system will come transforming the field of robotic surgery. That will be done by making it available for endoluminal surgeries by providing enhanced clinical and economical results.

The ability, provided by LIBERTY, to operate remotely will eliminate the need of capital equipment. This will likely to be reducing the risk of surgical staff and patients getting infected, especially in today’s medical environment which is hardly impacted by COVID-19. The system will reduce their exposure to the radiations involved in conventional methods. The company is in believes that it is in the right market, at the right time with the right solution, Gadot added.

Microbot unveiled the LIBERTY™ Robotic System in January this year and thinks that it is the very first fully disposable robotic system in the world. Also its “One & Done” capabilities obtained by integrating its LIBERTY Robotic System with the newly acquired technology by CardioSert could eventually eliminate the use of several consumable equipments.

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