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Genasys Inc. (GNSS) Acquired Amika Mobile To Expand Operations In Canada

Genasys Inc. (GNSS) signed a definitive acquisition agreement with Amika Mobile. Genasys is a leading provider of critical communications systems and solution while Amika Mobile is an enterprise software company based in Canada which provides solutions for critical event situational awareness as well as products for communications and controls.

Technology and products of Genasys combined with the broader customer base of Amika Mobile, and expertise of engineering team at Genasys will help the company to better compete in larger markets, said Richard S. Danforth, Chief Executive Officer of Genasys Inc. Joining the critical communication capabilities of both companies will help Genasys accelerating its business growth.

Amika Mobile’s technology quickly establishes 2-way communications across devices and networks. The technology makes information sharing possible. It also enables control system by integrating alerts and physical security systems of government agencies. The Amika Mobility Server is capable of initiating alerts to individuals, groups or to masses. It also manages real-time responses for SMS, web, digital signs, VoIP, overhead displays, tickers and Twitter on basis of any sort of automation. Those include government agencies, weather alert, sensor events from digital thermometers. It also responds to panic buttons, fire panels, access control systems, camera systems and many more among them.

The Incident and Emergency Management Market is forecasted to reach $156.1 billion by 2025 which for the current year is $117.0 billion, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets. The growth in that market is because of many factors. Those include increased terrorism, active shooters, viral outbreaks, natural disasters, workplace violence and most of all need of critical and emergency communication in case of crisis.

Amika Mobile will be transformed into Genasys Communications Canada as per terms of the agreement and will rebrand its products accordingly. Boards of both the companies have approved the transaction and it is likely to be closing in next 30 to 60 days.

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