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Multi-Million Dollar Order Won by Subsidiary of Tantech Holdings Ltd (TANH)

Tantech Holdings Ltd (TANH) commenced the week announcing receiving an order worth RMB 22.42 million ($3.34 million) by its subsidiary, Zhejiang Tantech Bamboo Technology Co., Ltd from an existing customer.

The subsidiary company will this month start shipping of the products under that multi-million dollar order and is anticipating completing the order in 5 months. The order was placed for customized products which will mostly be sold in Taiwan. The products include far-infrared height adjustable bamboo charcoal pillows, far-infrared bamboo charcoal dehumidifying cushions and activated carbon for water purification.

The customer is worldwide trading company which focuses on supply of packaging materials, environmental protection materials, household products, washing supplies and more.

Chief Executive Officer of Tantech, Mr. Wangfeng Yan described the multi-million order as another milestone for the company. The need for lean and healthy solutions and products has been increased more than ever. More than 60% of the human body is estimated to be comprised of water. This highlights the importance of water as a single essential element necessary for the well-being, health and longevity of a human body, Yan added.

Being a leading company in providing purification solutions through natural resources, Tantech is also a biggest promoter of cleaner environment. In moving ahead, the company remains committed to its green efforts by reducing toxic, single use plastics including disposable water bottles. The company also recently raised the voice for an effective air purification to address the critical issue of air pollution.

Company’s natural bamboo charcoal products is a biggest step towards the clean air plans as these products help purifying the air and reduce humidity. All this happens without making any harm to ozone layer like the other typical aerosol-based products by other companies do. It is also satisfying and pleasant experience for the customers to buy and use Tantech’s natural products. This provides them with a feeling of ultimately playing an important role towards a healthier environment which should be priority of everyone living on this planet, Yan added.

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