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Bayer received relief through U.S. EPA (environmental protection agency)

Bayer received relief through the U.S. environmental protection agency which permits farmers to spray crops with weed killers based on the chemical dicamba that is sold by Bayer. The sale was blocked due to an appeal in U.S. court and Bayer was facing many lawsuits over, the use of different chemicals in the U.S. after buying the Seed company Monsanto in 2018. The permission time is important because of upcoming elections, as it can be seen as Trump providing more relief to the businesses over regulations.

The Bayer XtendiMax herbicide received a re-approval for five years. It is sprayed on soybeans and cotton but known to damage other crops that are not resistant to it. The EPA also re-approved other herbicides which are BASF SE’s Engenia and extended approval for Syngenta’s Tavium.The U.S. court banneddicamba products after environmental groups filed an appeal. The Recent EPA decision overturn the court ruling.

The legal director at the Center for Food Safety, George Kimbrell said that EPA rushed re-approval as a political prop rather than evaluating the significant costs of dicamba drift.

The decision has been welcomed by Bayer and from different associations.  Bayer seed, Xtend is used up to 60% for the soybean crop and it is necessary to spray the crop with herbicides to kill the weed because other chemicals such as glyphosate won’t work.BASF said that due to resistance to glyphosate, Engenia is compulsory to increase the resistance of the crop against weed.EPA imposed a June 30 deadline for farmers to spray dicamba and a July 30 for its use on cotton. Other instructions have been announced by the EPA such as not to spray Dicamba within 240 ft to 310 ft of areas where other species are located.

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