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TikTok received temporary relief through U.S court

TikTok got temporary relief when a U.S. Judge in Pennsylvania who blocked a U.S. Commerce department order set to take effect on November 12, due to which TikTok was going to be ban from operating in the U.S.

The Judge said in her ruling that the order would have the effect of shutting down, within the United States, a platform for expressive activity used by approximately 700 million individuals globally. Over 100 million of these TikTok users are within the United States, and at least 50 million of these U.S. users use the app daily.”

The Commerce department has not given any reaction yet but agreed that the restrictions would reduce the functionality and usability of the app in the United States and application will become less effective.

Another judge in Washington issued the initial order on September 27, in a suit filed by TikTok owner, that stopped the U.S. Commerce Department from forcing Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google app stores to remove TikTok for download by new users.

TikTok said that it is overwhelmed by the massive support from its users who have worked hard to protect their rights to expression.

TikTok is in negotiations with Walmart for a deal and with Oracle Corp to buy shares in a new company, TikTok Global that would manage U.S. operations. The U.S. President Donald Trump said that he would have no problem with this deal. The TikTok denies the allegations that TikTok poses national security concerns to the U.S.  due to the collection of personal data of U.S. citizens by the App, and which can be used by the Chinese government.

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