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Social media giants took action on misleading elections posts by prominent leaders

During the Current presidential election environment, when there is uncertainty about the outcomes of the election, social media companies, Twitter and Facebook took new steps to remove misleading election-related posts and comments by prominent political leaders on both sides.

Twitter had to limit the President trump account when one of his tweets was about tempering the election results and he directly accused the officials without any proofs. Twitter put the labels on such tweets saying that some of the contents in Tweet might be misleading and disputed about elections.

Facebook said that it telling its customers through notifications that votes are still being counted and still no winner has been announced.

These latest actions show that social media companies taking steps to moderate the turmoil of facts and theories, even when important people are talking.

Democrats leaders also got a warning when Neera Tanden said that Biden had reached the threshold to win the election, which was false and Twitter added that “some voters may still need to be counted” to that tweet.

Twitter blocked another tweet from Republican elected member Marjorie Taylor Greenewith a warning that some votes still need to be counted.

The Facebook former chief security officer Stamos who is part of Election Integrity Group said that the group is tracking multiple disinformation campaigns online around the election count, flagging or labeling them to spread down the false information. He said that they have to be more careful not to interfere with the democratic process and internet companies must focus on disinformation campaigns and stop the spread of disinformation to the public.

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