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Stratasys (SSYS) Near To $1 Billion Market Cap, Might Achieve This Month If Momentum Remains

On Friday, shares of Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) gained 4.10 percent to close the weekend session at $18.02.

The provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions has on Wednesday shared that it has upgraded its J750 Digital Anatomy 3D printer with advanced bone capabilities that not only look natural, but are also biomechanically practical with the clinical research at the back of it. The software update allows systems to replicate porous bone structures, fibrotic tissue, and ligaments, so that models that function exactly like human bone can be created by medical professionals.

The 3D printing pioneer has recently sold two 3D printers for multi-layer color printing to Volkswagen. For investors who were following the market for Stratasys technologies, that was a good indication as the stock came rising more than 11 percent over the past week.

The two Stratasys J850 printers that Volkswagen has acquired are equipped with PolyJet technology. The first printer with this technology was launched by Stratasys in 2016. The peculiarity is that this is a full-color print with the ability to concurrently use different materials. The new iteration of the PolyJet printer, the Stratasys J850, allows users to print complex objects, such as panels with buttons for car interiors. The J850 will print full-color goods, clear, flexible, soft and rough, in various combinations, from seven different materials.

Volkswagen plans to make prototypes of interior trim elements of vehicles using Stratasys technology. The value of 3D printers is the ability to build parts corresponding to 99 percent of the product parameters that can be manufactured in sequence. This technique makes it possible to design parts quickly and submit them to production.

A proof of the advantages of Stratasys technology is the deal with Volkswagen. The company is currently one of the technological leaders in the field of industrial 3D printing, although it still does not meet the expectations for the period 2010-2014 for the pace of implementation of this production method.

If the momentum continues then Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) is likely to cross $1 billion mark for its market capitalization this month which is at $953.98 million as of Friday.

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