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Ocugen Inc (OCGN), Has Formed a Scientific Advisory Board for Vaccines

Ocugen Inc (NASDAQ: OCGN), the stock soared 222.90%to $2.60in the post-market hours on ‎Wednesday. OCGN stock was trading 693.38% away from the 20-day Simple Moving Average. ‎The company’s weekly performance was 766.67%, in contrast to the annual version of – ‎‎570.45%. The healthcare sector giant has 16 employees on its payroll and a Market ‎capitalization of 428.92M.

Ocugen Inc (NASDAQ: OCGN) has formed a scientific advisory board for vaccines. Evaluate ‎the clinical and regulatory path towards approval for COVAXIN in the US market by leading ‎academic and industry experts in the vaccine field. Co-developed by Ocugen and Bharat ‎Biotech, the COVID-19 vaccine candidate will be whole-virion inactivated for the US market.

Ocugen Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Dr. Shankar Musunuri commented. We are ‎delighted to have these esteemed experts join our team to assist in our co-development of ‎COVAXIN with Bharat Biotech. Unlike another vaccine candidate with broader potential ‎coverage against multiple virus antigens, this vaccine candidate is different from other ‎options currently available in the US market.

The vaccine scientific advisory board includes:

• Satish Chandran, PhD, Wyeth Vaccines, Pfizer, Nucleonics, Solution

• David Fajgenbaum, MD, MBA, MSc, FCPP, Translational Medicine & Human ‎Genetics, University of Pennsylvania, Founding Director of Center for Cytokine Storm ‎Treatment & Laboratory

• Bruce Forrest, MB, BS, MD, MBA, Wyeth Vaccines, Pfizer

• Catherine Pachuk, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Marizyme, Wyeth Vaccines, Pfizer ‎and Coronavirologist, Vaccinologist

• Harvey Rubin, MD, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, U ‎Pennsylvania

• Susan Weiss, PhD, Professor of Microbiology, U Pennsylvania. Co-Director ‎Coronavirus Research Center and Renowned Coronavirologist

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