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A Lesson to Learn: My Size Inc. (MYSZ)

My Size Inc. (NASDAQ: MYSZ) went up 10.46% from its most recent closing price compared to the recent 1-year high of $4.83. The stock price of the Company has gained 36.29% in the last five trading sessions. The MYSZ stock is currently trading at $2.00. The public float is 6.51M shares and shorts hold a 6.20% stake of that float. MYSZ had an average trading volume of 323,800 shares.

MYSZ’s shares increased by 36.29% last week, with a monthly performance of 29.01% and a quarterly performance of 62.50%, while its annual performance rate dropped to -51.85%. For the previous 30 days, My Size Inc’s volatility levels are set at 9.36%, while the week’s volatility ratio stood at 17.27%. The simple moving average for the last 20 days is 35.62% for MYSZ stocks, while the simple moving average for the last 200 days is 35.76%.

MYSZ trading at 49.56% from the 50-Day Moving Average after slipping in the market that brought MYSZ to its lowest price for the past 52 weeks, it has failed to recover and currently rests with a -65.0% loss for the period.

Velocity was 9.36%, but the volatility has risen to 17.27% over the last 30 days as shares surge +35.20% over the 20-day moving average. Over the past 50 days and currently, the stock is trading +61.72% higher.

During the last five trading sessions, MYSZ gained by +36.29%, which changed the moving average for 200-days by +46.96% compared to the 20-day moving average, which settled at $1.2681. Furthermore, My Size Inc. has seen an overturn of 19.86% within a year, with a tendency to cut further gains.

Company’s Recent News

My Size, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYSZ) has disclosed the price of its underwritten public offering. The Company is projected to raise approximately $1.75 million before deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and other anticipated offering expenses.

The Company plans to issue 1,364,503 shares of common stock for $1.28 per share. The proceeds of this sale will be used for working capital and general corporate purposes.

The Company granted the 45-day opportunity to underwriters buy up to an additional 15% amount of common stock included at a price in the public offering if any. The offering is scheduled to close on or around January 8, 2020, subject to the usual closing terms.

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