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Arista Networks (ANET) Stock Surged, Recently Introduced A Cybersecurity Service

Cloud solution provider Arista Networks Inc. (ANET) has introduced an innovative Attack Surface Assessment (ASA) framework for cybersecurity. Arista’s market growth comes at the right time, and its own data security service would boost the revenues of the group.

The new Arista Networks service is the result of the acquisition in October 2020 of Awake Security, a developer of a network attack monitoring platform utilizing artificial intelligence elements (AI). The ASA service, which incorporates the use of software and the expertise of an expert in the area of cybersecurity, was built on the basis of Awake technologies.

ASA’s benefit is its emphasis on IT services of varying types, ranging from small business networks to large-scale corporate IT systems, cloud computing, and IoT. The ASA service analyzes detects and prevents cyber threats, including the implementation of ransomware, from past and present network operations.

In a positive way, the addition of a new cybersecurity provider extends the ecosystems of Arista. The latest large-scale cyberattack has led to a spike in data security services interest. The most successful data security policies are currently known to be the use of continuous tools to track risks. In this section, Arista extends the scope of its solutions. To ensure traffic transparency, the organization has already launched the DANZ Tracking Fabric app. This will improve the appeal to consumers of Arista solutions.

Arista Networks Inc. (ANET) stock was worth $316.28 at trading on January 12 after a rise of +4.4 percent.

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