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How Sustainable Is Deere & Company (DE)?

Current trading prices for shares of Deere & Company (DE) are at highs. On March 1st, the company’s shares traded at $363.31 and went as high as 2.98% higher. The stock’s performance has been positive over the past year. DE soared by 129.75% over the past year, while the stock increased by 71.33% in the last six months. The quarterly performance of DE currently stands at 40.20%, and it is up 22.72% in the last month. At present, the performance for the week stands at 6.52%.

There is no doubt that Deere is a cyclical company with clear ups and downs with well-defined booms and busts. The technology manufacturer has seen its stock rise since last summer. Wall Street analysts remain positive in their outlooks for the company, as they believe it will continue to grow for some time to come. The future looks good for the company with its strong order book. Investors in Deere can thus expect the cycle growth to continue at least through 2022.

Many analysts point out that DeereDeere& Company (DE) will probably appreciate even more as farmers worldwide increasingly use intelligent agriculture solutions to boost efficiency.

Sales and profitability for Deere have increased as a result of selling and expanding smart agriculture solutions. There are vast quantities of data that farmers can analyze in real-time to inform them of the right decisions to be made at different stages, from preparation and sowing to growing and harvesting. Sales of Deere farm equipment are differentiated through smart technologies, and the company’s larger farm equipment sells for a premium because of this.

Increasing competition among farmers is expected to increase demand for Deere’s smart farming solutions. Sales of such technologies are still lacking maturity, so Deere cannot yet talk about wide geography for sales. To expand the business outside the United States and in North America, shipments need to increase.

Recently, Deere & Company (DE) presented its results for the past year as well as its projections for 2021. It is expected that profits will grow by $4.6 billion to $ 5 billion in particular. Construction and logging are also experiencing strong demand, in addition to agriculture. Sales of oil equipment are showing signs of modest recovery.

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