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Shift4 Payments Inc. (FOUR) Acquired the VenueNext

Shift4 Payments, Inc. (NYSE: FOUR) has acquired the VenueNext business. By doing so, Shift4 will be able to penetrate rapidly growing markets such as mobile commerce.

VenueNext provides a digital wallet and mobile order management in addition to the point of sale and ordering services. Among the places where VenueNext solutions are used include venues, theme parks, airports, stadiums, and more. By entering these targeted markets, Shift4 Payments will expand its ecosystem.

Solutions provided by Shift4 enable retailers, video game companies, hospitality businesses, and other companies to process the transaction. This company has thousands of partners and is a vertically integrated company capable of offering a complete package to customers. Buying VenueNext follows this strategy.

Shift4 Payments’ stock is showing positive dynamics. A new round of attention will be drawn to the company in 2021 due to CEO Jared Isaacman’s leadership, who will lead SpaceX’s first comic-trailer mission, Inspiration4. Shift4’s head is an experienced pilot, and one of the mission’s members is an entrepreneur who was selected through an online competition – a client of the Shift4 e-commerce platform. It is expected that the Shift4 brand will be recognized and that sales will grow due to this campaign.

Many Wall Street analysts have recently begun to pay attention to the FOUR stock, with those at Wolfe Research downgraded the stock to an “outperform. Research notes by the analysts were published on January 06, 2021. Analysts at BofA Securities continued to maintain their earlier rating, albeit they raised the price target to $65. Previously, Piper Sandler’s analysts had rated Shift4 Payments shares “Overweight. ” in December 21, 2020.

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