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3 Top Biotech Stocks to Watch

Companies in the biotechnology industry work on the development of drugs and diagnostic technologies to treat medical conditions and diseases.

Most Biotech products must undergo rigorous, costly, and time-consuming trials before receiving approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Meanwhile, investors may not know whether a drug in development will pay off for years.

While on the other hand, some consider Biotechnology to be in its golden age, as advances in science are making it possible to treat and prevent diseases in ways we never thought possible. As a result, they think that the biotechnology industry could be a great investment opportunity.

As biotech companies’ pipeline of drug candidates is usually strong when they produce top tier drugs. Then recently, Biotech firms developing treatment and vaccines for COVID-19 have enjoyed abundant opportunities due to the pandemic.

The industry contains small start-ups working towards expanding their reach as well as large corporations working on a wide array of drugs and technologies.

Biotech Stocks to Buy

The Trillium Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIL) went down by -0.23% in Thursday’s trading session, a fall equivalent to -$0.04 from the previous market close price. The lowest point that the shares touched during the trading session were $17.335, while the peak of the day was recorded at a share price of $17.48. TRIL finished the previous session at $17.39 according to the data provided by Barchart, while the trading volume was observed to be 1.93 million.

For regular shareholders interested in finding out how worthwhile it would be to invest in the company, then note that Trillium Therapeutics Inc. has an ROE of -19.20%. An analysis will help understand that the lower the ROE figure; the worse a company is when it comes to generating profits. The term Return on Assets (ROA) is a ratio that points to a businesses’ profitability relative to overall assets. The company under our focus has a current ROA of -16.90%. If a business manages its assets well, then the ROA will be higher. However, the opposite will be true (lower returns) if that business is shown to be poor managers of their assets. A look at another ratio shows that Trillium Therapeutics Inc. has a Return on Investment (ROI) of -23.40%. When profits exceed costs, then the ROI percentage will be positive, and analysts will rate such business as having a net gain. However, if the percentage index is negative, then the company’s costs basically outweigh profits.

With over 1.28 million INmune Bio Inc. (INMB) shares trading Thursday and a closing price of $24.02 on the day, the dollar volume was approximately 1.28 million. The shares have shown a positive weekly performance of 24.59% and its price on 09/02/21 gain nearly 0.63%. Currently, there are 14.97M common shares owned by the public and among those 13.31M shares have been available to trade.

Schroeder Timothy j, Director, of INmune Bio Inc. (INMB), sold 14,480 shares of INmune Bio Inc. stock in an exchange that took place on Jul 13. The shares were sold at an average price of 27.63 each, amounting to a total Sale worth $400,082. As of the close of the Sale, Director now directly holds 92,187 shares of the organization’s stock, which is now worth about $2214331.7399999998. The deal was disclosed in a Securities & Exchange Commission legal filing, which can be publicly viewed on the SEC website.

Gritstone bio Inc. (GRTS) started the day trading at $10.80 and recorded an intraday high of $10.88. It also recorded an intraday low of $9.61 during Thursday’s trading session. Gritstone bio Inc. is a very active stock that recorded a trading volume that is less than -121.41% of the average daily trading volume on Thursday. The stock’s trading volume on Thursday was 1.4 million, which is less than -121.41% of the total average daily trading volume of 1.4 million.

Out of a total of 4 brokerages that are currently covering Gritstone bio Inc. (GRTS) stock, the average recommendation is “Overweight” according to WSJ. 0 equities research analyst has rated the stock with an “Overweight” recommendation, 3 analysts have given this stock a “Buy” recommendation, 1 analyst have recommended that investors “Hold” this stock, and 0 analysts have given this stock a “Sell” rating and 0 suggested “Underweight”. Analysts’ average 1-year price target, among all the brokerages, is $25.33.

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