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JX Luxventure Limited (LLL) Stock Surged 194.00% Today, Here’s Why

JX Luxventure Limited (LLL) stock soared 194.00% in the current-market trading session at the price of $5.88 following a blockbuster sale deal worth $60 million.

LLL, located in Haikou, offers comprehensive solutions and services to elite families globally. The company’s business segments cover cross-border trading, menswear, tourism, and airfare services.

LLL Entered $60M Sales Agreement

On 22nd March 2022, LLL announced its subsidiary, JX Hainan, has entered into a strategic partnership deal with Chongqing E-Pet. Under the agreement, Chongqing E-Pet, one of the primary providers of pet food in China, will buy cross-border pet foods from JX Hainan for $60,000,000.

CEO of LLL, Ms. Sun “Ice” Lei, commented that this partnership shows the growing demand for pet foods in China. The new variety of cross-border products unlocks more opportunities for the company. After a celestial year of revenue growth, this deal has positioned them sky-high.

Strategic Partnership with Aikayun Technology

Earlier on 15th March 2022, LLL reported that its subsidiary, JX Hainan, has signed a strategic collaboration deal with Aikayun Technology. The agreement plans to facilitate a cross-border supply of duty-free merchandise.

As per the deal, JX Hainan has given an exclusive right to allocate cross-border products worth RMB1,000,000,000 on Hainan Island. Moreover, the company intends to join the Metaverse by offering NFT related projects led by its CTO.

Management Comments

CTO of LLL, Mr. Liu Ze, remarked that Metaverse would be an emerging sector across China in the coming years. This transformation fits his background as a specialist in blockchain, artificial intelligence, and networking. He looks onward to working with the R&D team to bring LLL into the Metaverse by offering NFL-based projects.

Ms. Sun “Ice” Lei added that amid the closure of China’s border due to Covid-19 limitations, there is a high need for cross-border goods from Japan. This exclusive collaboration authorizes LLL to satisfy such increased demand. He looks ahead to develop the NFT projects and bring the company into the Metaverse.

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