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IMAC Holdings, Inc. (IMAC) Stock Surged 58.00% Current-Market, Here’s Why

IMAC Holdings, Inc. (IMAC) stock soared 58.00% in the current-market trading session at the price of $1.58 following the completion of its Walmart pivot program.

IMAC Completed Walmart Program

On 7th April 2022, IMAC announced completing its chief program for The Back Space located in Walmart shops. IMAC’s retail backbone health and fitness therapy centers provide chiropractic care across multiple Walmart sites. As part of this successful completion, the company has decided to grow its store count by twenty additional sites over the coming year with a next target of adding more stores within the next three years.

IMAC Holdings hopes the new marts will merge corporate and The Back Space franchise zones to meet market needs. The Back Space’s healthcare centers have specialized in percussion tool therapy and chiropractic adjustment for muscles relaxation, tissue healing, and spinal fitness. Services had offered on both appointment and walk-in basis with a cost of US$25 per therapy. The customers can obtain memberships for over US$65 each month.

IMAC Stock

IMAC owns and operates several health and fitness centers to provide orthopedic, sports drugs, and therapies for movement-restricting illnesses. The company has composed of three business divisions, The Back Space, outpatient therapeutic centers, and a clinical research sector.

With the therapies to control the aging residents, IMAC manages above fifteen outpatient medical hospitals and collaborates with many professional athletes to promote sports medicine. IMAC’s research department is also conducting a Phase-I trial assessing a mesenchymal stem cell therapy to treat Parkinson’s illness.

Market Outlook

During the pilot program, the company’s price point resonated well with shoppers. Resultantly, a possible price gain could generate higher revenue for the stock. Similar models by other competitors have raised the demand for spinal wellness that this industry has yet to satisfy. The location across Walmart shops therein delivers a considerable competitive benefit.

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