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TikTok received temporary relief through U.S court

TikTok got temporary relief when a U.S. Judge in Pennsylvania who blocked a U.S. Commerce department order set to take effect on November 12,...

Inspire Brands buying Dunkin Donuts for $8.76 Billion

Inspire Brands announced on Friday that he is buying Dunkin Brands Group for $8.76 Billion which is one of the largest restaurant deals. The...

Oil & gas jobs got hardest hit during the current pandemic

Energy sector which is suffering most during this global pandemic is now cutting off jobs to survive in weak demand of oil&gas.

Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) expecting net sales $100 billion-plus in the fourth quarter

Amazon announced on Thursday that the company is expecting a surge in holiday sales and costs related to the pandemic, thanks to the consumers...

Twitter Inc (TWTR) shares dropped 16% on Thursday

Twitter Shares went down by 16% on Thursday after the announcement from the company that the expenses would accelerate in the fourth quarter,...